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Meet Our Team

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John C Palmieri


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Lee Ann Linsley
Licenced Conveyancer

I have shared John’s passion and dedication for almost 20 years in assisting clients with the conduct of their conveyancing and business legal needs.

I take a great deal of pride in simplifying the process for my clients and ensuring an efficient, prompt and reliable service.

I have adapted and grown with the emergence of the digital conveyancing world to ensure we can offer the best service we can for our clients.


Emica Ashley

I have recently joined the team and bring with me 15 years of experience, my passion is Conveyancing.

I am currently studying Conveyancing Law and Practice with Macquarie University.

John Palmieri About Page.png


I have spent over 40 years of my professional life as a lawyer representing the interests of my clients in achieving their goals and protecting their legal rights.

I am able to provide clients with advice and legal assistance backed up by years of experience in all areas of legal practice.

I pride myself in my ability to provide dedicated and experienced legal services and advice to my clients estates, conveyancing and business legal needs.

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